Data-based decision making: Value the use of data as the starting point for professional work. Artifact: Performance Analysis for SDSU classroom equipment issues (EDTEC 540)

Image of Ballroom Dance Resource Web SiteTechnical: Use software and other tools appropriate to the task.
Ballroom Dance Resource Web Site (EDTEC 541)

Image of standard 3Cognitive: Analyze, synthesize, use inductive and deductive reasoning, solve problems effectively and creatively. Artifact: Individualized instruction online tutorial test questions (EDTEC 671)

Image of standard 4Communication: Communicate clearly to achieve professional goals using visual and verbal modes to explain and persuade. Artifact: Case Study Presentation – Meeting Challenges in the Delivery of Online Instruction (ED 795A)

Image of standard 5Interpersonal: Interact effectively with others as peers, subordinates and leaders to accomplish goals. Artifact: Team FAA client project (ED 795A)

Image of standard 6Principles, theories & models: Understand many theories and models, choose from among them appropriately, and apply them effectively. Artifact: Mayerizing a Presentation (EDTEC 640)

Image of standard 7Processes: Understand processes such as change, design, development, and learning. Artifact: Educational video project (EDTEC 561)

Image of standard 8Systems: Understand that we live and work within systems of cause and effect in which actions may have multiple origins and consequences. Artifact: Board Game Project "This Joint is Jumpin'!"