Standards - Processes

Image of FAA LogoUnderstand processes such as change, design, development, and learning.

Project Type: Individual
Class: ED 561 - Advanced Web-based Multimedia Development
Artifacts: Educational Video Project - How to Make Green Enchiladas



One of my EDTEC 561 projects was to create an educational video on a topic of our choosing. I decided to make a cooking video on how to make green enchiladas, and followed the video development process Bob Hoffman (2009) presented to us that included creating an outline & treatment, script, storyboard, then shooting and editing the video for distribution online.

The Standard Connection

Understand processes such as change, design, development, and learning.

I absolutely LOVE directions! It was so helpful that Bob provided a very structured process (Hoffman, 2009) for developing this educational video as it made the experience flow very smoothly. As I worked through each step in the process, I saw how much easier each step was after having worked through and created the deliverables for the preceding step. The treatment guided the script, the script guided the storyboard, and the storyboard guided the video shoot. In particular the storyboard was extremely helpful for me to have on hand when the time came to actually shoot the video. Being able to see at a glance the different set ups and camera angles I had envisioned on paper helped me get them set up in real life that much quicker and easier.

Challenges and Opportunities

Word to the wise, always check your footage BEFORE you cook enchiladas! The major problem I encountered was that my camera man accidentally recorded over a little section of footage, unbeknownst to either of us of course. So I continued on, stuffing cheese into tortillas, pouring sauce, and baking the dish to a golden bubbly. When it came time to edit I realized I was missing a whole chunk o' 'chadas that demonstrated how to assemble the ingredients in the baking dish. I panicked quite a bit as I knew I didn't have the time to go to the store for more ingredients and go through the set up for another video shoot. Getting creative, I just looped the bit of demonstration footage that was left, then added on screen text of steps for the part that was missing. When I presented the video in class they said they didn’t even notice the error, so it worked!

Personal and Professional Growth

This project helped me see the great value of following a process to achieve a goal.  Sometimes, especially in time crunches, we want to take the quick and easy way to our end goal but that could end up making the product take even longer to develop, or contain errors that could have been ironed out throughout the process life cycle. If there is a process involved in a future project of mine, I will be sure to follow it!


Hoffman, B. (2009). Educational video workshop: drama and exposition. San Diego, CA: Bob Hoffman.